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Supreme Frequent Ask Questions

Before sending me an email, please read my FAQ below. It will save us both time :)

Is my Supreme real or fake?
I received many "legit check" type emails and while I would love to reply to all emails I simply do not have time to do so. For someone to figure out if your Supreme is real or not, you will need to take quality and detailed photos of your Supreme item, link to the website/seller or where you got your Supreme if you already bought them.

I suggest posting at Supreme subreddit as there more active members that can help you out. Remember to include quality and detailed photos (you can upload to, link to seller and other details about the item.

Is this "X" seller selling authentic Supreme?
I have most Supreme legit sellers listed here. No, I don't have all sellers added on the page as some only sells very few items that come and go and some have bad customer service. If there are any websites or eBay sellers you think deserve to be on the list or if you're not sure if they are selling authentic Supreme, you can contact me below.

I'm a Supreme reseller newbie (or starting out). Can you offer advice/tips?
All tips and advice are on my article: How to Buy and Sell Supreme. This is all the advice I can provide and unfortunately, I can't reply to every single email asking for more guidance. Again, Supreme subreddit is a great resource and you can ask questions if you want.

This "X" seller is selling authentic Supreme. You should add it to your list.
I'm very strict on sellers I add on my Supreme legit sellers page. They obviously need to sell authentic Supreme only, offer many Supreme items for sale and has good reviews, history and reputation online. Unfortunately, I can't add your own website or eBay store page just because you asked me to (they need to meet the criterias I mentioned). If you think there are websites or eBay sellers that needs to be on the list, you can let me know and I can decide if they deserve to be on the list.

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